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Opinion Piece: Why should we have to do homework? Why does homework even exist?


by DinaMarie

Picture this:  It’s a Friday afternoon and you have sports practice and then want to ice skate with your friends but by 2:57PM on Friday afternoon your assignment pad is swamped with “to do” notes that are “due” on Monday morning.  What is your typical response?  Either you skip the social date with your friends or start practicing the facial expression for your teacher when you say, “My dog ate my homework.”   

Let’s think about this, why do we get homework?  There is the idea that teachers don’t want to teach us everything, instead they want to put it on us to go home and figure it out.  It’s an annoying task. Then there’s the whole “practice makes perfect” mentality where if we don’t exercise what we know or learn that day we will lose it from our brains.  Have you ever lost the code for your smart phone?  No, neither have I but I guess we practice that a bit more often than our math skills.            

In school we do enough work.  Why do we have to do homework? Life should be about doing fun things and not stressing out about doing homework.  It’s all about experiences and life should be fun instead of worrying about getting homework done.  

Students learn a lot in school and do a lot of work so why do we have to do more at home?  Netflix can also be an informative and entertaining way to spend your time outside of the school environment.  In many work places you leave work at work.  I would like to leave school at school and enjoy my time away from the work place.   

So what are the good things about homework?  Well yes, if you actually complete the work and practice your skills you will do fairly well on your tests and quizzes.  If you’re one of those kids who never does homework and still gets good grades I would like to unlock your secret to success.   

“Piling on the homework doesn’t help kids do better in school, in fact it lowers their test scores,” states Richard Walker, an Australian researcher in a LiveScience article entitled, Too Much Homework is Bad for Kids.  

“An hour or two of homework per week usually does not impact student test scores,” according to Walker’s research.  Now we need teachers to work together and give us 1-2 hours a day.  

 What do you think?  Is homework necessary?  We want to hear from you!  Click this link to help up us understand how much time you are spending on homework and what type of assignments you think are worthwhile.