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Opinion Piece: Why should we have to do homework? Why does homework even exist?


by DinaMarie

Picture this:  It’s a Friday afternoon and you have sports practice and then want to ice skate with your friends but by 2:57PM on Friday afternoon your assignment pad is swamped with “to do” notes that are “due” on Monday morning.  What is your typical response?  Either you skip the social date with your friends or start practicing the facial expression for your teacher when you say, “My dog ate my homework.”   

Let’s think about this, why do we get homework?  There is the idea that teachers don’t want to teach us everything, instead they want to put it on us to go home and figure it out.  It’s an annoying task. Then there’s the whole “practice makes perfect” mentality where if we don’t exercise what we know or learn that day we will lose it from our brains.  Have you ever lost the code for your smart phone?  No, neither have I but I guess we practice that a bit more often than our math skills.            

In school we do enough work.  Why do we have to do homework? Life should be about doing fun things and not stressing out about doing homework.  It’s all about experiences and life should be fun instead of worrying about getting homework done.  

Students learn a lot in school and do a lot of work so why do we have to do more at home?  Netflix can also be an informative and entertaining way to spend your time outside of the school environment.  In many work places you leave work at work.  I would like to leave school at school and enjoy my time away from the work place.   

So what are the good things about homework?  Well yes, if you actually complete the work and practice your skills you will do fairly well on your tests and quizzes.  If you’re one of those kids who never does homework and still gets good grades I would like to unlock your secret to success.   

“Piling on the homework doesn’t help kids do better in school, in fact it lowers their test scores,” states Richard Walker, an Australian researcher in a LiveScience article entitled, Too Much Homework is Bad for Kids.  

“An hour or two of homework per week usually does not impact student test scores,” according to Walker’s research.  Now we need teachers to work together and give us 1-2 hours a day.  

 What do you think?  Is homework necessary?  We want to hear from you!  Click this link to help up us understand how much time you are spending on homework and what type of assignments you think are worthwhile.  


Charlotte's Final Bow

Mrs. Rollman and Ms. Baer are gearing up for their grand finale, Charlotte's Web on Friday, June 7th at 9AM.  The second grade play rivals Broadway productions with their special effects and costumes.  This year's production as it will be the teachers final bow here at Pocantico.  Mrs. Rollman will retire from her teaching career and Ms. Baer has resigned to relocate south.  We wish them well and look forward to reviewing the production which is sure to be a hit!

Where in the World?

Submitted by Mrs. Morotti

As part of the Global Dimensions Initiative the eighth graders selected "Scenes from Around the World" for their eighth grade paintings.  During this semester students have researched and created outstanding pieces of artwork that interested them.  Check out the world map outside of the faculty room to see what hot spots the paintings will feature.  Artwork will be hung for the Tuesday, June 11th Art Show and stay up through graduation.        

Middle School Chorus Heads to Albany!


he sixth, seventh and eighth grade chorus of 62 traveled to our state capital building in Albany, NY as part of the Music in Our Schools Month celebration on Friday, March 15th..  Pocantico Hills was one of fifty school groups selected from the entire state to perform in the South Concourse of the State Capital.  Over the past few months students worked on new music for their spring concert but also brainstormed on their favorite pieces from their repertoire to perform for the 45 minute concert.  The sixth graders started the performance with a folk song from Japan entitled "Hitori" as well as a Swahili piece with body percussion entitled "Thula Klizeo."  The seventh and eighth grade group performed selections including "Everybody Rejoice" from the Wiz and the three grades combined to perform a poem piece by Emily Dickinson set to music by Craig Hella Johnson, "Will There Really Be a Morning?" and the finale was "Circle of Life" from the upcoming production of The Lion King. 


Students Embrace Emotions in Color

by Zach

What's up with the color panels around the building?  Once again students are exploring the mood meter and making a conscious effort to be aware of their feelings and when/if they are ready to learn.  Each week students are responsible for logging their mood with one of their teachers.  To some kids this can be an annoying task but overall it does not take a long time.  

Over the first few weeks of January students also took part in a lesson regarding "Being your Best Self."  Teachers discussed how students can put their best foot forward, applying strategies to avoid frustration and how to calm yourself in high stress situations.  Many of the younger students are enjoying creating their strategies and reflecting on situations where they have felt jeopardized emotionally.  Older students however are still working to positively identify their appropriate behaviors.  Lessons will continue and students will be partaking in projects surrounding a visual projection of their best self.  

All of this work also ties into our continued character education and the concepts of perseverance, respect and kindness as visible around the school building.  

19 Ways to Be A Teacher’s Pet

 by Zach 

1. Always hand in your homework 

2.  Never talk in class 

3. Around holidays give them special gifts 

4. Talk about how much you study 

5. Get good grades 

6. Always raise your hand  

7. Do not get into drama

8. Have friends that are good just like you 

9. Sit in the front of the room 

10. Complain about not enough homework 

11. Wear nice clothes 

12. Go to school programs 

13. Ask good questions 

14. Always be in classroom discussions 

15. Always be nice to your classmates 

16. Do classroom chores for the teacher 

17. Talk to the teacher in your free time 

18. Always use your manners in class 

19. Do extra work on assignments