Welcome to Human Resources

At Pocantico Hills, the Office of Human Resources is dedicated to accomplishing the following goals:

  • Recruiting, hiring, and retaining the most highly qualified faculty and staff  to support our Mission Statement "committed to helping our children realize their complete personal potential - academic, creative, physical and emotional".
  • Ensuring a safe and professional work environment for students and staff that emphasizes mutual respect and maximizes effectiveness.
  • Providing employment-related resources and information to employees in a timely manner.

For employment opportunities, Pocantico uses the On-Line Application System for Educators (OLAS).  OLAS is an internet based application serving several regions in New York State.  Please click the link (www.olasjobs.org) to explore employment opportunities.  For your convenience, we will also post employment opportunities to this page.

APPR and the Process

Pocantico Hills’ APPR Plan is written to reflect NYS requirements.  Our evaluation process is designed to be comprehensive and inclusive of overall professional performance throughout the year.  Click on the links below to find more information on the observation and evaluation process and the forms used by the district.  Also available is a list of probationary professional staff and their projected tenure dates.