Our Vision

The Pocantico Hills Central School District aspires to become the pride of the community where all students are empowered to excel to the highest academic standards guided by highly qualified professionals and dedicated citizens.

Our Mission Statement

The Pocantico Hills School staff believes that each student is a complex and unique person. We are committed to helping our children realize their complete personal potential – academic, creative, physical and emotional. We will ask the students to stretch themselves and help them to discover the rewards of working hard.

We will treat the students with respect and understanding and encourage them to be caring and contributing members of society, students who are thoughtful, honest, fair, kind and self-disciplined.

Our School

Our Guiding Principles

  • The Common Core Standards are only the first step toward academic achievement and student growth.

  • Technology should be a tool that supports the growth of reasoning skills and critical thinking.

  • Joyful and passionate teaching and learning should set the tone for our school environment.

  • Collaborative teams must promote personal accountability, broad skill exposure, and cohort understanding and acceptance.

  • Perseverance and determination are essential characteristics of student growth and should be fostered thoughtfully and with support.

  • Community partnerships provide opportunities to promote communication and global awareness.

  • A strong sense of ethics must ultimately come from within, and we must develop and nurture that growth.

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Essential Skills for a 21st Century Learner

The Pocantico Hills Central School District envisions a community of students, teachers and parents who partner to develop and support the skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century, including:

1. Self‐Advocacy and Self‐Direction

2. Critical Thinking and Problem‐Solving

3. Communication, Relationships, and Socialization

4. Global and Community Awareness

5. Ethical Learning and Decision‐Making

Our Strategic Framework & Goals

Pocantico Hills’ instructional program will become the standard for academic excellence for Pre-Kindergarten – 8th grade education.  We will coordinate the curricula of the District’s academic programs across the grades and improve instruction throughout the District in order to challenge and encourage our students to act, think, write and speak creatively and critically so that each student is fully prepared to excel academically, emotionally, socially and physically in any high school, public or private,.


To manage, streamline, and improve the financial processes of the District and to (a) meet the needs of students, staff, parents, and the community; (b) communicate the fiscal position of the District in a simple and concise manner, facilitating open and transparent discussions regarding the District’s goals and needs; and (c) ensure the continued maintenance and modernization of the District’s facilities.


To use 21st century communication tools to communicate with all constituencies to be as transparent as possible about the business of the District, so that each group will be fully informed and encouraged to help meet the District’s goals and needs.


To improve and streamline all of the District’s organizational systems and structures to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the District in meeting the District’s goals and the needs of the students, staff, parents and the community.